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India Tara Tours welcomes you on a pilgrimage trip of Lumbini, Nepal where the great Gautama Buddha, pioneer of the Buddhist religion was born. Previously in India, and now in Nepal, Lumbini is situated at the lovely foothills of the majestic Himalaya, 25 kms from Kapilavastu. The great Buddha spent the first 29 years of his life before achieving enlightenment. Lumbini has several Buddhist temples scattered across the region, the main attractions include the Mayadevi temple, named after his mother Queen Mayadevi. There is the Holy pond, also called “Pushkarini”, where Mayadevi took her ritual bath before the birth of Buddha and Siddharth (Buddha) took his firth bath later. There are also The Ashoka Pillar, Buddhist Temple, China Temple and Japan Peace Stupak among other major pilgrimage sites in Lumbini that offer insight into the religion and its meaning to all the Buddhism followers. India Tara tour’s arranges a Buddhist pilgrimage journey for you that are both filled with pleasure and peace. Dive into the ancient but practical knowledge and philosophy of Gautama Buddha’s sermons and walk into the path of self righteousness. Contact us today to book a memorable journey following footsteps of the Mighty Buddha and enlighten yourself.

Welcome to India Tara Tours’ Bodhgaya pilgrimage tour. To all the Buddhist followers, Bodhgaya, situated at Gaya, Bihar in India is the prime spot where they find there enlightenment and salvation. It is one of the top and most famous location for tourists across the world as it is where the Lord Buddha meditated under the Bodhi tree and attained “Nirvana” or enlightenment. It is an UNESCO world heritage site. Bodhgaya is abundant with Buddhist monasteries and temples where you can find various statues, monuments, pools and amazing sites complete with intriguing stories that will provide peace to your inner self. It is a place where anyone and everyone can connect with his or her own God and find out the true meaning of life and decide on which path he or she should walk in. Visit the main attraction, the Mahabodhi Temple which was built by the great emperor Asoka, who was a follower of Buddhism. The Mahabodhi temple is built on the area where Buddha attained enlightenment and used to preach his sermons. The temple is a graceful example of architecture and its various aspects will certainly mesmerize you. India Tara tours provide comfortable and affordable packages for Bodhgaya pilgrimage tours.

The place where Buddha breathed his last. The Mahaparnirvana Temple which stands on the same plinth as the main Nirvana Stupa behind it. The reclining Nirvana statue of Lord Buddha inside the temple is 6.10 metres long and is made of monolith red - sand stone. It represents the "Dieing - Buddha" reclining on his right side with his face towards the west. It is placed on a large brick-pedestal with stone-posts at the corners..Nirvana Chaitya is located just behind the Main Parinirvana Temple. It was excavated by Carlleyle in the year 1876. During excavations, a copper-plate was found, which contained the text of the "Nidana-Sutra" which concluded the statement that plate had been deposited in the "Nirvana-Chaitya" by one Haribala, who also installed the great Nirvana Statue of Buddha in the temple front. A copper vessel was also recovered which contained silver coins of Kumar Gupta, an emperor of Gupta Dynasty, 5th Century A.D. Ramabhar Stupa, also called a Mukutbandhan-Chaitya, is the cremation -place of Buddha.

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